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Green-Energy Key Materials Research




    With continuous global warming, crises like the tsunami in Japan and South Asia, raised concerns about the safety of nuclear power and environmental protection. Furthermore, the limit of crude oil, carbon reduction, and energy conservation are urgent global issues that make people search for safer and more efficient methods of sustainable green power.

    Countries worldwide have begun to attach importance to developing new energy and energy storage systems, and actively develop electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce their dependence on petroleum. Taiwan is an island country, and most energy sources rely on importation. Therefore, Taiwan should keep up with the trend of developing new energy systems and materials.

    This center attaches great importance to the world’s energy issues and takes the development of advanced green energy power vehicles as the main research goal.







The purpose of the center is to help integrate the research resources of the industry and university and to plan and execute long-term cooperative research. It mainly focuses on the following:

1. Cultivating professionals of green energy key-materials research.

2. Basic research on advanced green energy key-materials and assisting the industry in developing new products.
3. Providing material analysis services.
4. Assisting the industry in international technical exchanges.



    To cultivate professional talents in green-energy materials, we established the Center for Green-Energy Key Materials Research, including the fields of hydrogen generation, biomass/biofuel, high-value technology, batteries, and catalysts.


Expected benefits

1. Integrating research teams at NSYSU to strengthen the R&D capabilities.
2. Prompting academia-industry cooperation to enhance the industrial competitiveness of Taiwan.

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